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Investigative services, forensics, cybersecurity and offensive security measures.

Based in Wollongong, Australia. ABN: 23 261 865 109. Director: Michael Anthony Ralph.

Business partner of the Australian Signals Directorate and ACSC.

WARNING: Wollongong: “Xanax” Mylan-branded tablets contain fentanyl in circulation

Just a heads up. Large batches of counterfeit “Mylan” branded tablets (initially in (counterfeit) sealed bottles) claiming to contain 2mg of alprazolam (Xanax) are in circulation. Current testing tests positive for either fentanyl or an analogue of fentanyl (opiod painkiller.) Effects from one tablet included multiple days of sedation gastrointestinal pain, with an onset of effects 2-4 hours after oral ingestion. Tablets are circular and scored into four quarters, close to white or very slightly off-white

Reported to NSW Health and Wollongong Emergency.

Added 14/05/2024: This is essentially the same as “Kalma” branded tablets of alprazolam, especially in tri-scored rectangular tablets claiming to contain 2mg of alprazolam. Other benzodiazepines, sedatives, and sometimes opiates have been found to be the main component since at least 2020.

From NSW Health: https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/aod/public-drug-alerts/Pages/fake-kalma-contains-strong-opioids-aug2022.aspx

Darknet discussion forum Dread possibly compromised

Please check the warrant canary and verify the PGP signature of the site and both admins before using, trusting, or logging in. Appears to fail verification. Compromise is likely. Additionally, keys.openpgp.org seems to be supplying keys including that for the address of this site are incomplete and/or fail verification.

Make what you will of this information.\

(Dread is the darknet equivalent of Reddit, and not a marketplace, but still has limits – examples include the prohibition of material involving children, just as most markets now have placed a ban on the sale of fentanyl or fentanyl analogues – in the case of fentanyl, likely due the to the attention it draws from the US Drug Enforcement Agency and their pressure on foreign governments – in the case of the former; nobody likes a child abuser.

Likewise, those who make false accusations of others being abusers are currently considered to be a serious issue.

Health Warning: Sexual Health Checks being forged at adult venues in Wollongong

Without going into further detail at this point, sexual health checks and screening dating back to at least 2022 have been found to have been forged at at least two adult venues in the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District. Currently it is unclear as to whether it was done independently by several workers or if their management/others were aware.

What is confirmed are the identities of several people whose details were used as the basis of the forgeries, the people using the forgeries to continue sex work, and of those performing them. Whether or not they were infected with anything is unknown; it is confirmed that at least one venue in the region accepted tests for possible exposures to blood-borne viruses (such as hepatitis, HIV) well before they would show up on even the most accurate of tests (example: a HIV test taken one day after possible exposure will not detect an infection; but a test taken one day after an exposure would still be accepted as negative for up to three months (by which time the infected person would be testing positive to PCR, Western Blot, and ELISA testing.))

Details to come. NSW Health has been contacted, confirmatory checks of the forgeries will be carried out and referred to law enforcement.

Extent of the forgeries was discovered less than 16 hours ago while matters of fraud were being investigated.

STS Now Business Partner With the Australian Signals Directorate

Plot twist.

Mutually beneficial, STS (myself and other associated contractors) were granted approval as a business partner with the ASD due to our specialty in modern cybercrime investigation with a focus on forensics and offensive operations. Details to follow.

Many people doubted me when I first got my ABN about 13 years ago, and ACN in 2017. Fake it till you make it? Yes, but not really. I am one of the best at what I do, and have now come this far against all odds. I told people I wanted to use my skills for good and not evil, and thankfully the people that know the business know the business and this is one job you are either good at, or you aren’t.

Obvious, not much detail can be divulged about current matters, a matter of money laundering, fraud, extortion – it goes, just like most crime, across the whole spectrum of the Crimes Act, leading to violent gangs, large scale drug operations, two AFP task forces, down to petty junkies who badly need rehab from the streets of Wollongong, and the most evil of all, the serious sex offenders and paedophiles.

Needless to say, some people are in for a very, very rude awakening. And that doesn’t make me happy, sometimes, it really fucking sucks to be right. I have recent memories of being laughed at the work I and others like myself do being worth anywhere near $660/hour. Truth be told, this job is hard, it’s dangerous, and it’s lonely. We aren’t keyboard warriors, these days, you don’t hack computers so much as you hack people. I haven’t made it 33 years and kept these good looks without good reason.

Not going full Snowden though, I have given Telstra and (several years prior) the ASD notice of certain flaws in order to have them rectified without causing every second script kiddie out there to go out there and, well…. “that’s classified?” It’s not, but as much as I like attention, I am not endangering the public and will help protect the public, even if being hated by some is my burden to bear.

Disclaimer: Special Technology Services is NOT a government entity.

Rates & Fees

Standard rate: AUD $660.00 per hour.

Daily rate (up to 18 hours in a 24 hour period): AUD $3,960.00

Daily charge for ongoing matters (28 days or longer): AUD $110.00 per day on the 29th day plus AUD $3,080.00 due on that same day.

Prices may vary depending on the job. Those details to come when I’m not busy.

For Sale: wollongong.sex (website)

For sale: The domain name/URL “wollongong.sex”.

Have have full legal ownership for over a year now, amongst many other similar domains. The site currently redirects here, and does not come with content or hosting (but that can be arranged if you do not have the capability will to do so.) I’d consider it a good investment. Security is not configured currently and is undergoing a transition to far more secure TLS certificates, as is this site; keep in mind that this STS.xyz is roughly 50% a honeypot designed to map and target Wollongong-based cybercrime.

aus.specialtechnologyservices@gmail.com is the point of contact.

No offer below AUD $1,000.00 will be looked at. Serious offers will start from AUD $10,000.00. Failing to sell, subdomains (e.g. yourname.wollongong.sex may be sold off instead at a cheaper price to up tp 1,000 customers.)

Shameless money grab? You need money to make money. Fund equipment and services. Haters gonna hate, right?