Special Technology Services

  • Secure and/or anonymous setup of devices (computers, tablets, websites, phones)
  • Forensic analysis and data recovery procedures
  • Advanced data and pattern analysis, performed by heuristic A.I. and human operators
  • Data recovery and destruction
  • Encryption, cryptocurrency expertise (including tracing) escrow services
  • “Fail-deadly” mechanisms, “dead man’s switch” creation, and honeypot operation
  • International finance and shipping advice
  • Surveillance, both physical, CCTV, remote, onsite, private video feeds
  • “Dragnet” operation and mass intelligence harvesting
  • Website and server setup, maintenance and security
  • Penetration testing

Phone: 0432 342 584 (+61 432 342 584 international)
If privacy is required, use Signal. If unavailable, use WhatsApp, PGP email, Session, or XMPP.

Email: aus.specialtechnologyservices@gmail.com download PGP encryption keys

STS Director (since 2017): Michael Anthony Ralph – ABN/ACN 23 261 865 109 (since 2010)