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Guest expert @ 45th WHO Expert Committee on Drugs of Dependence and Addiction.

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Fairly new tactic used by criminals: use of social media accounts from 3-15 years ago, obtained most often by darknet purchases for less than a single dollar each (example – an autonomous AI-operated Instagram account with 250,000 followers will sell for $100 AUD.

These accounts are often stolen through the leaking of login data from companies like Facebook, Google, etc, which are sold in bulk online (this is why using your Apple or Google ID or Facebook account to log in to a separate account is a very bad Idea.)

Most of the time, the original owners account have simply forgotten the login details as they’ve moved on in life, though. They are unaware that their account with years of intimate person secrets are being combed through in order to train AI algorithms that not only improve it as a whole – but when used and modified by criminals/marketing companies, they use your own most secret thoughts (the kind that it feels weird to Google) to spew out information, take over your identity, and when they’re done, nobody believes you are you.