Special Technology Services

  • Data recovery and forensic extraction
  • World Health Organisation (Guest Expert, 45th Expert Committee on Drugs of Dependence)
  • Servers, bulletproof hosting, anonymity, honeypots
  • Website setup and development
  • Background checks, security assessment, drills, and infiltration
  • Cybersecurity audits / penetration testing
  • Secure setups of phones, computers, and other devices
  • Gathering of evidence relating to offenders in matters of defamation, slander, cyberbullying, scam matters
  • Investigation of cybercrime matters and compilation of court-admissible evidence
  • Covert surveillance
  • CCTV systems, stealth security, dead man’s switch security setups/fail-safes/fail-deadly security
  • Forensic analysis and evidence recovery of and from digital devices
  • Bitcoin and Monero cryptocurrency research and tracing (Bitcoin is not anonymous)
  • Resolution of threatening, extortionate, blackmail related, threatening or cyberbullying matters via research, legal routes (including field experts and experienced barristers), and calm negotiation
  • Chemical analysis and testing (via legal government certified third party routes)
  • Associated (armed) security groups in all Australian states and territories in cases where rapid response is needed in cases of extreme emergency

Base cost unless otherwise negotiated: $660/hour AUD

Phone: 0432 342 584 (+61 432 342 584 international)
Message/call with the app Signal for privacy reasons. If unavailable, use Session, WhatsApp, encrypted XMPP or PGP encrypted email if you are sending sensitive information.
Email: aus.specialtechnologyservices@gmail.com download PGP encryption keys

STS Director: Michael Anthony Ralph – ABN 23 261 865 109 – since 2013