Special Technology Services – ACN 23 261 865 109

Cybersecurity and technical services
Novel chemical research and education

Collection of forensic evidence
Investigative services and surveillance

Based in Wollongong, NSW, Australia, formally registered with ASIC in 2017

STS Director: Michael Anthony Ralph

  • Secure and private setup of Mac/iOS/Android devices
  • Data recovery and repair, drive cloning, and secure destruction
  • Penetration testing & security audits of devices, networks, and websites
  • Investigation of threats, scammers, defamatory content creators, and other targets
  • Criminal identification and elimination (includes Facebook scammers and revenge porn)
  • Server/Proxy/VPN setup, operation and security
  • Offensive security operations against hostile actors
  • Infiltration of targets
  • Anonymity & privacy services
  • Anonymous or secure system setups (computers, phones, etc)
  • Analysis & forensic procedures, evidence gathering and presentation
  • Darknet research
  • Pursuit of sex offenders and those who commit sex crimes online (including revenge porn, leaking of naked photographs, rape, exploitation of sexual services)
  • Study and education regarding novel chemicals

Secure and Private Setup of Mac/iOS Devices

Apple does not sell devices that are particularly secure, and they definitely do not keep your information private. We offer full system setups from a fresh install to offer the maximum safety and privacy while causing minimum inconvenience. Keep in mind that security and convenience are on opposite ends of a spectrum. This can also be performed on systems that are already in use.

We also perform audits to show you how much private data is being leaked, which apps you have installed that are secretly “phoning home” to their maker (or quite often, Google for their analytics/tracking and similar services.) We can block these services and set up firewalls (the complexity of which depends on the individual case.)

Web browsers and system settings require optimisation, the recommended browser to use is Firefox, and we have over a decade of experience tweaking it for maximum privacy or security, while maintaining a smooth experience browsing websites.

Data Recovery

Recovery of data that has been lost of rendered inaccessible. This includes recovery of accidentally deleted files, accidentally (or intentionally) formatted drives, failing hard drives and other damaged media (down to floppy discs and scratched optical discs like CDs), drives that have had attempts at “secure” overwrites performed on them, and we have the ability and technology to recover fragments of files that otherwise would not be able to be retrieved with a simple piece of software. We also perform the cloning of systems, drives, other storage devices, damaged mechanical drives, memory cards – most forms of storage. This is useful to create an identical and (often) bootable copy of the system, as well as being an important step in saving data from a hard drive that is about to fail catastrophically.

Investigation (covering scams, scammers, extortion, blackmail, revenge porn, slander, and cyberbullying and more)

Investigation of online threats such as scammers, blackmailers, extortionists, slander, and collection of evidence of a standard of being used in a court of law. Liaison with agencies such as the Australian Cyber Security Centre and the Australian Signals Directorate, plus others as needed.

Identification of offenders and cyber criminals and proceeding as needed to eliminate threats.

Penetration testing & security audits

Penetration testing and security audits of networks (from small home networks to corporate networks), not limited to cybersecurity but also including human elements such as social engineering and spear-phishing. Testing also performed on computers, any other electronic devices (phones, tablets, specialised hardware and systems), and websites (from small web servers to blogs to large corporate sites and organisations.

All audit and penetration work includes a report of vulnerabilities and rectification of security issues or recommendations as how to mitigate them.

Server operations & security

Secure setup or configuration of small-scale web servers and blogs/websites. This includes firewalling, encryption, and forensic analysis of systems for intrusion and investigation of attempted breaches.


PGP key setup and verification services, SSH keys and access control, as well as X.509 SSL/TLS certificate creation, verification, and analysis. Secure protection of files and ability to act as a third party escrow for cryptographic keys.


Anonymous system installations (Mac OS, Windows, Linux/UNIX, iOS, Android), and locking down of such systems. Setup of privacy-centric systems or browser configurations including Tor, live operating systems, and hidden systems. Personal SOCKS5 proxies and VPNs.

Darknet & blockchain research

Analysis and research of darknet sites and activities. Analysis of blockchains for Bitcoin (and some other cryptocurrencies) and tracing of transfers.


Where required, assistance has been provided by or granted to:

  • Australian Signals Directorate
  • Department of Defence
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission
  • Australian Border Force
  • NSW Police Force
  • South Australia Police
  • NSW Department of Justice
  • Europol
  • World Health Organisation (45th Expert Committee on Drugs of Dependence)

In addition:

  • Solicitors & barristers
  • Private investigators
  • Other state-run intelligence avenues

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