Special Technology Services – ACN 23 261 865 109

Based in Wollongong, NSW, Australia

General IT services, with a specialisation in cybersecurity, device analysis (including data extraction from computers, websites, logs, and phones), website/server/blog administration and deployment, research and information gathering, as well as the secure and private setup of computers, phones, and tablets

  • Website creation, management security, operation, and training
  • Secure and private setup of Mac/iOS/Android/Windows devices and web browsers
  • Data recovery and repair, disk imaging,, and secure destruction
  • Penetration testing & security audits of devices, networks, and websites
  • Investigation of threats, scammers, defamatory content creators, cyber-abusers, and other targets
  • Server/proxy/VPN setup, operation and security
  • Anonymity & privacy services
  • Anonymous/secure system setups (computers, phones, etc)
  • Forensic analysis of devices or computers
  • Darknet research

Phone: 0432 342 584 (+61 432 342 584 international) – use Signal for private communication

Email: aus.specialtechnologyservices@gmail.com


Director: Michael Anthony Ralph