Before You Write Something Online, Assume It Will Be There Forever

That’s the thing about the internet. Nothing is truly ever deleted. People have memories, people take screenshots, you can only do so much to have something removed. Maybe you (a lady) posted topless in a group photo at schoolies ten years ago. After that ten years, who knows where copies have ended up. Online, some guys’ spank bank, accidentally on a backup DVD somewhere with a collection of family photos.

Never write something online (or a computer to a large extent) if you aren’t willing to have it read by others (friends, enemies, your boss, people on the other side of the globe, the Police.)

Think before you act. So many cases of defamation, revenge porn, slander/libel, that kind of mess, could have been prevented by thinking before acting.

Cases where people haven’t though before acting, there’s always a trail, and we can follow it. Might not get the content offline, but justice and restitution feel pretty good.

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