Spam Calls And SMS – Block Them With The Truecaller App

It’;s a thing. It’s an app. iOS and Android. It’s great. Not only does it identify spammers, scammers, and robocalls, you can configure your phone to use it to ignore these calls. You can report new ones yourself and add to their database. It’s cheap too, monthly, but enough value that I get it cheaper by paying yearly.

It’s also able to find a few extra details – the operator of their phone network, sometimes general location (town for example), email address, sometimes an alias.

Highly recommended, even the free version.

Example below:

Got a call today. Wouldn’t normally, answer, but why not. I did not say my name, the word “yes”, or anything that could be captured. Obvious crapcall even before I hit the green button.


With Truecaller installed, go to “Share Contact” and then share it to Truecaller.



Does not accept incoming calls. Possibly an IP (virtual) phone number.

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