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For Sale: (website)

For sale: The domain name/URL “”.

Have have full legal ownership for over a year now, amongst many other similar domains. The site currently redirects here, and does not come with content or hosting (but that can be arranged if you do not have the capability will to do so.) I’d consider it a good investment. Security is not configured currently and is undergoing a transition to far more secure TLS certificates, as is this site; keep in mind that this is roughly 50% a honeypot designed to map and target Wollongong-based cybercrime. is the point of contact.

No offer below AUD $1,000.00 will be looked at. Serious offers will start from AUD $10,000.00. Failing to sell, subdomains (e.g. may be sold off instead at a cheaper price to up tp 1,000 customers.)

Shameless money grab? You need money to make money. Fund equipment and services. Haters gonna hate, right?