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Example Of Attempted Logins To This Site By “Hackers”

List of attempted and blocked logins to this site. Partial only – the actual server lists thousands, likely tens of thousands of blocked attacks. But I figure, why not post this. States username tried, IP address of attacker, and when Bottom 5 entries appear to be an automated attempt or part of a DDoS attack.


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UCI Championships Wollongong Website Names For Sale

Domain names (URLs, websites, i.e.) –

See here: – Example

See here: – Example

See here: – Example

Good publicity with the cycling championship coming to Wollongong


From $100 AUD. Can be directed to any website, your own or company site, or, once you buy it, you can aim it at whatever you want. Attack shields in place, bit will be disabled on transfer – unless you wish that STS Australia keep them in place.

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What We Do

Special Technology Services – ABN 23 261 865 109. Based in Wollongong, NSW.

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Simple Way To Help Defend Your Website Against Attacks And DDoS

Want to know a simple way to stop your website from being hit by thousands of automated attacks every week? A FREE way.

Ban traffic from China, Hong Kong (aka China) and Russia (mostly China though.)

Some software allows this, some WordPress plugins do, but CloudFlare is my favourite here.

Sometimess you want their traffic, or you need to route internet traffic through their servers, as is the nature of the internet sometimes. So, you don’t block them outright – you instruct CloudFlare to issue them with a challenge (a captcha of varying difficulty.) You then set your server to ban an IP address after a large amount of 404 errors (file not found) in a short space of time.

Here’s a VERY small sample of what I recently had:

hong kong ddos

How I fixed it? Screenshot follows…

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