Preferred contact method is currently email:

Click for PGP keyclick here for list of all STS PGP keys

As of September 9, 2022:

Phone: +61 432 342 584 (+61 432 342 584) for urgent situations.

Please use the app Signal to communicate.

Alternatively, use Wickr (address: stsaustralia )

Email – what’s a PGP or GPG key? Read on to find out….

It’s method of “public/private key authentication” so two people who have never met can exchange messages in a secure manner, either encrypted, signed like a digital signature, or both. The holder of the private key can sign and encrypt messages, the public key,which should be public (hence the name),is used to encrypt messages that can only be read by the holder of the private key and can be used to verify the authenticity of digital signatures made by the private key. PGP keys are published either by the owner or by the owner to a public keyserver,allowing secure communication between two parties whom haave never had direct contact before.

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