Special Technology Services – ABN 23 261 865 109

Based in Wollongong, NSW, Australia, operational worldwide

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General areas of operation:

Quick overview:

  • MacOS, iOS, Android setup secure, troubleshooting, and security
    • Recovery of data from phones/computers, forensic extraction of data
  • Online privacy protection and scam protection
    • Web browser setup for privacy, safety, security, or anonymity
  • Investigation of online harassment and cyberstalking
  • Effective methods against harassment, defamation, slander, cyberbullying, revenge porn
  • Data recovery, permanent destruction, and reconstruction
  • Penetration testing and security testing/audits of systems online and offline
  • Website security analysis and visitor tracing
  • Offensive operations to counter bad actors
  • Anonymous & private service and setup or accounts
    • Includes email, chat, social media, phone, financial access
  • Web server rental & setup, bulletproof hosting, SOCKS5 proxies, VPNs, encrypted storage
    • Domain name registration and protection
    • Active defence of websites under cyberattack/DDoS strike

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