Excessive Tracking & Privacy Invasion – Once Again Picking On News.com.au

Sorry guys, didn’t intentionally target you to be my examples.

News.com.au (and many other sites) don’t just track you, they go out of their way to bypass privacy protections your browser may have.  Justlooking below, the site immediately contacts Adobe, but also leaks cookies that contain unique identifiers used to track you across the entire internet belonging to companies like Google ( _ga trackers = Google Analytics), Facebook, the list goes on.

From free service Tracking The Trackers:

shady trackers

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How Hard Is That Website Trying To Track You?

Blacklight by themarkup.org – LINK

You visit a website to read news, whatever. You’re read it, but it’s also reading you…

news.com.au I read on and off for amusement (not news.) That’s what they want, because they’re trying to turn your visits, their web traffic, into money. Doesn’t have to be real news to get people there. But what does it do?

Blacklight is a web tool that scans a site for trackers and gives you a very basic overview. No detail, and it won’t pick up advanced tracking techniques or security breaches but for news.com.au it found:

  • 42 advertising trackers. This allows advertising to target you across the internet.
  • 132 third party cookies. These are cookies used from sites that are not news.com.au but collect, collate, and share data.
  • It attempts evade ad blockers and privacy protection with “canvas fingerprinting”.
  • And as per most sites, it tells Google and Facebook you’ve been there.

What can you do about this? Answers coming soon 🙂


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Before You Write Something Online, Assume It Will Be There Forever

That’s the thing about the internet. Nothing is truly ever deleted. People have memories, people take screenshots, you can only do so much to have something removed. Maybe you (a lady) posted topless in a group photo at schoolies ten years ago. After that ten years, who knows where copies have ended up. Online, some guys’ spank bank, accidentally on a backup DVD somewhere with a collection of family photos.

Never write something online (or a computer to a large extent) if you aren’t willing to have it read by others (friends, enemies, your boss, people on the other side of the globe, the Police.)

Think before you act. So many cases of defamation, revenge porn, slander/libel, that kind of mess, could have been prevented by thinking before acting.

Cases where people haven’t though before acting, there’s always a trail, and we can follow it. Might not get the content offline, but justice and restitution feel pretty good.