Services & Prices

General Pricing

Final price for more highly customised sites rice after discussing your specific requirements. Please check out the links below or in the menu for more detailed information about services provided.

Initial assessment or consultation: FREE (1 hour maximum)

If thorough diagnostics and assessment are required (for example, in forensic matters: $66 per hour, maximum of three hours before providing a final full quote on price for completion of the job.

Conditions Of Payment

Final price will be given after assessment, this is the amount it will take to complete the job. Payment is then required before work proceeds.

Security Audits And Penetration Testing

Websites/Blogs/Servers (creation of easy to use websites, blogs, and forums, secure private server administration)

Data Recovery (of failed drives, computers, accidentally deleted or formatted files, other complex recovery)

Account Recovery (if you have been locked out of accounts by accident or maliciously)

Secure/Privacy-focused Device Setups (configuration of computers,phones, tablets etc)

Server Setup And Administration

Forensic Analysis Of Devices