Account Recovery

Account Recovery

When you have been locked out of an account or series of accounts. This includes simply forgetting a passwords, as well as being locked out by firewall misconfiguration or, for example, out of your own website. This might be caused by forgetting a password, losing access to a two-factor authentication (2FA) device like a hone, or can also by caused by malicious actions such as phishing, direct cuber attacks, or malicious persons (including defamation, corporate sabotage.)


  • Initial assessment: FREE (1 hour)
    • Issue will be discussed and you will be given a general plan of action, including a list of all requirements needed of you (account names, passwords, emails addresses, phones, etc)


  • Consultation and full assessment for account access and recovery : $110 (3 hours)
    • This consists of collecting all the information required about all accounts that need to be accessed, whether or not you still have access them. This includes getting all passwords, regular computer(s) and phone(s) in order to assess the situation and how to move forwards
    • Full access will be required to all devices with all passwords during this time, as well as direct contact with yourself/your representative
  • Recovery: starting from $660 (turnaround time available after full assessment