Mac/iOS Security

Work in progress!

Secure setup of Mac OS and iOS systems:

  • Firewalling (Apple’s built in firewall is terrible), recommend both an incoming and/or outgoing firewall, depending on your  needs (will be configured by hand)
  • Secure browser setup (Firefox > other browsers)
  • Intrusion detection and forensic analysis
  • Encryption (including encrypting the macOS boot disk with a separate password to your user account) – you should have a long password to decrypt and boot the computer, not to constantly type in every time you need to authorise. the system to perform an operation, opening you to keylogging
  • Disabling of advertising and analytical/personal data being sent back by apps “phoning home”, including your location, advertising identifiers, etc

iOS specific

  • Forensic analysis of iOS and Android devices
  • Data recovery, photo recovery
  • Device cloning and app data extraction
  • Secure and private and/or anonymous setup of devices
  • General troubleshooting

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