Final price for more highly customised sites rice after discussing your specific requirements.

  • Basic WordPress site (blog, e-commerce, forum, general website) setup: $660 (1-3 day turnaround)
    • Same as above, but with web hosting fees prepaid for 12 months: $990
  • Simple static HTML website running on a virtual private server (paid up for 1 year) with low traffic: $330 (1-3 day turnaround)
    • Keep in mind this simple website, once set up, will require a knowledge of servers or HTML, or using web design software that supports FTP or SSH access. Alternatively:
      • Update website: $330 (3 hours) – update pages on your website and add any files
    • Option without any website creation (server configuration only): $330 (1 day turnaround)
    • Option for improved hardware for server (for sites requiring extra, higher traffic, able to handle heavier attacks): $330 (1-3 day turnaround)
    • Option for more secure configuration (including network monitoring, firewalling, traffic analysis, honeypots): $330 (1-3 day turnaround)