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Darknet discussion forum Dread possibly compromised

Please check the warrant canary and verify the PGP signature of the site and both admins before using, trusting, or logging in. Appears to fail verification. Compromise is likely. Additionally, keys.openpgp.org seems to be supplying keys including that for the address of this site are incomplete and/or fail verification.

Make what you will of this information.\

(Dread is the darknet equivalent of Reddit, and not a marketplace, but still has limits – examples include the prohibition of material involving children, just as most markets now have placed a ban on the sale of fentanyl or fentanyl analogues – in the case of fentanyl, likely due the to the attention it draws from the US Drug Enforcement Agency and their pressure on foreign governments – in the case of the former; nobody likes a child abuser.

Likewise, those who make false accusations of others being abusers are currently considered to be a serious issue.