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Stories From Wollongong

Iv’e decided to take a more laid back approach to this work. I’m brilliant with computers and have been for over two decades, it frustrates me when I tell someone they have a serious issue and they stick their head in the sand and brush it off. What can you do, though? My conclusion is that you can only advise so much, then it’s best to keep your mouth shut with the unsolicited advice and allow the person to learn the hard way.

Wollongong has a varied crowd of people. Over the past decade I’ve inadvertently noticed more and more patterns – some people call this crazy; but it’s never crazy if they’re really watching you (I’ve got a great meme for that somewhere.)

Recently I had a lot of tech issues. Computer and phone acting on their own, no connecting to websites, security warnings and errors, repeatedly asked for old Apple Keychain passwords – all red flags that I completely ignored. I’m very much a “do what I say and not what I do” type of person.

I should not have let Apple’s FileVault disk encryption be unlocked (as is by default) by the user login password. You want a long password encrypting the entire hard drive, but don’t want to be typing in a massive and complex password every time you need to install a piece of software, for example. That also opens up a whole lot of other attacks including making it easy for trojans and keyloggers, operating system (on Apple computers, that’s the keychain included. With an unlocked keychain, it’s open season on the hundreds of passwords, keys, token, and security certificates located inside.

This brings me the point two, never blindly enter your admin password on any computer people a dialogue asks you to unless you understand exacctly what it’s for and you’ve requested that operation be performed.

If your computer clock is slow (or fast): you have a serious problem. Either a wailing internal battery (best case scenario), or a kernal rootkit, a very nasty piece of malware that can be used to specifically target people and control their devices. Of others will not see this and think the person is crazy. I’ve thought that myself about people until it happened to me over the past six to eighteen months, stopped trusting myself – never forget who you are.

Specifics to come at a later date. It’s been a good day and a good night and this is looking to be a great week.