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WARNING: Personals & Dating Sites

It’s come to attention that classifieds sites, personals, dating, and escort sites Australia-wide have been up to some mischief as of late (actually, for years.) This applies to advertisers, and people seeking company on those sites.

Sites in question (some):

  • locanto.com.au (scammers, criminal groups robbing men and women, fraudsters)
  • escortsandbabes.com.au (leaking personal sign up phone numbers to other sites)
  • secrethostess.com (scraping and reposting from other sites, often with personal contact info and incorrect info)
  • scarletamour.com (as above)
  • aussietopescorts.com (as above)
  • naughtyads.com.au (as above)
  • redescorts.com (as above)


  • DO NOT sign up with your personal phone number at ANY stage. Use a burner phone
  • Watermark photos (subtle enough to not be seen by the naked eye) and remove all EXIF metadata
  • ^^^ There are services we provide.

Should your details be leaked, shared without permission, or image reposted – well, the sites are behind more than just leaking details, people on them are operating in criminal groups (as defined by the NSW Crimes Act 1900 No. 40) to rob both men and women. In Wollongong alone, there have been armed robberies, assaults, wire fraud, alleged kidnappings, and more. No further comment on those matters can be given.

At this point, things are just getting started, but we are aware of this, and so far, some money has been recovered, the sites themselves may put in a token effort to take down an ad, but the sites themselves should worry more about their poor security. Most seem to be affiliated and run from a similar web server, as loosely shown by the image below:


Seen Those Ads From STAGGER on Facebook For Men’s Sexual Performance? The Secret Ingredient Is…

Seen those ads from “Stagger” on Facebook? You know, men’s health, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc? Well I looked into it.

Summary: I find it amusing they’re telling your to spray your dick with anaesthetic to treat premature ejaculation – the same stuff they use before stitching up wounds, no less.


First line of treatment for premature ejaculation, is, wait for it – spray the tip of your penis with a local anaesthetic. Yep, along with tadalafil (generic Cialis) tablets on script, I was also prescribed an over-the-counter spray for use for premature ejaculation – containing 9.6% lidocaine (also known as lignocaine or Xylocaine.) Literally, that will just numb your penis and I highly doubt will delay orgasm. Why not go with another anaesthetic – we got bupivacaine, dichloropane, cocaine…. the latter of which yes, you can turn into a spray. No I’m not telling you how, just making a point I found mildly amusing.

Something along the lines of dapoxetine 60mg (very short acting (4.5 hour half-life) SSRI) would be what I would prescribe. Or maybe take the time to enjoy the journey if you have issues…