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STS Now Business Partner With the Australian Signals Directorate

Plot twist.

Mutually beneficial, STS (myself and other associated contractors) were granted approval as a business partner with the ASD due to our specialty in modern cybercrime investigation with a focus on forensics and offensive operations. Details to follow.

Many people doubted me when I first got my ABN about 13 years ago, and ACN in 2017. Fake it till you make it? Yes, but not really. I am one of the best at what I do, and have now come this far against all odds. I told people I wanted to use my skills for good and not evil, and thankfully the people that know the business know the business and this is one job you are either good at, or you aren’t.

Obvious, not much detail can be divulged about current matters, a matter of money laundering, fraud, extortion – it goes, just like most crime, across the whole spectrum of the Crimes Act, leading to violent gangs, large scale drug operations, two AFP task forces, down to petty junkies who badly need rehab from the streets of Wollongong, and the most evil of all, the serious sex offenders and paedophiles.

Needless to say, some people are in for a very, very rude awakening. And that doesn’t make me happy, sometimes, it really fucking sucks to be right. I have recent memories of being laughed at the work I and others like myself do being worth anywhere near $660/hour. Truth be told, this job is hard, it’s dangerous, and it’s lonely. We aren’t keyboard warriors, these days, you don’t hack computers so much as you hack people. I haven’t made it 33 years and kept these good looks without good reason.

Not going full Snowden though, I have given Telstra and (several years prior) the ASD notice of certain flaws in order to have them rectified without causing every second script kiddie out there to go out there and, well…. “that’s classified?” It’s not, but as much as I like attention, I am not endangering the public and will help protect the public, even if being hated by some is my burden to bear.

Disclaimer: Special Technology Services is NOT a government entity.